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A Biography of Leonard "Bud" Murray

Bronze Star Recipient, US Army POW WWII

An exciting movement has begun to support the publishing of Len Murray’s story.  Contributions are being given and author Al Fetter will list the names of the contributors as well as dedications in the back of the book.  This is a great way to show our gratitude to not only Mr. Murray, but to any WWII Veteran, or any other person one might wish to remember in this fashion.

The following is a list of committed contributors:

Julie Stoneman, Judy Riggle, Nancy Valeson, Carol from Chilli's, Joseph Leahy, Magdelin Fetter, Jillian Sharp, Emma Miles, Kattie Schoenhals, Ian Miles, Nicholas Fraterelli, Christian Sharp, Dorothy Stahly Fetter, Kim Shoenhals, Penelope M Ziegler, John Klipparein

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