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Confraternity of Death
One Gemini Down Trilogy
Between the Lines
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The trilogy consists of;  

     One Gemini Down, The Awakening  

                                        The Journey 

                                        The Genesis 

Published by BookSurge Publishing LLC and are each classified in the BISAC category system as:  Sci-Fi, Erotica, Action, and Romance.

(Due Spring of 2006 in one volume)

This trilogy is a soft science fiction story with plausibility.  It is appealing to other than science fiction readers, because of the sub-plots; some laced with erotic behavior by the main characters, twins and their encounters with murder, espionage, revenge, friendships and discovery. 

The Awakening;   Espionage and murder, prior to launch, add suspense and help bring the other characters together in a special way.  The murder of the twin’s parents, the investigation, and finally the solution, catapults them into this exciting space adventure.

The Journey;       Completing the bizarre hibernation preparation leaves everyone naked, hairless and ready for the crew’s thirteen-year sleep.  Weightless sexual activity and games, along with home-brewed hooch, help four hibernate-watchers pass time especially when the watch schedules coincide.  Although loneliness is a serious obstacle, love, lust, desire, fantasy, jealousy and conquest all play an equal part in this journey.

The Genesis:        When they arrive at the new solar system, they find a dangerous but hospitable planet inhabited with, well you’ll just have to read it to find out.  There is an exploration attempt in a landing craft, One Gemini, a very emotional part of the story line, which also provides the story title.  They build cities and manage to keep themselves out of harms way, almost!  In the end they find a three-thousand-year-old, well once again you will have to read this story to find out what happens.