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Confraternity of Death is published by BookSurge Publishing LLC and is classified in the BISAC category system as:                                             Action, Erotica, Mystery & Detective, and Romance.

ISBN 1-4196-0463-5

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A killing virus on the loose would be freighting to say the least.  We usually suffer a virus outbreak by city or region and we build immunities to it.  This virus outbreak is worldwide with no immunity possible and the carnage left behind is as horrible as the world has ever seen!  What if you had an opportunity to stop it, albeit forced upon you?  What if it was being spread by some of the most important and powerful people on Earth?

When the United Nations collapsed like the League of Nations before it, and had been replaced with the League of Economic Unions, the LEU had become a powerful and influential form of world government.  With this power came corruption. 

A major problem with this type of world government was it’s size and when a political entity, and in this case a terrorist group within the LEU, became powerful enough to use its corrupt power calculatedly and unmercifully, it was disastrous.  This is where this story begins.

Ed Brookings, through no fault of his own, but to be in the wrong place at the right time, inherits the responsibility of gathering sufficient evidence to expose those behind this heinous crime on humanity.

Ed feels he caused the death of his best friend, Sean, a CIA agent, when he informed him of his findings concerning the terrorist group within the LEU.  To further compound Ed’s problems, Sean’s fiancée, Sahara, after agreeing to help Ed gather evidence against the terrorists, is captured along with Ed but are sent to separate locations; Ed to a LEU prison located in Russia, while Sahara is being tortured and molested by the terrorists, hidden away from the rest of the free world. With the help of Nomi, an erotic conjugal visitor, they escape, and while he and she discover new evidence, and while trying to rescue Sahara, unfold the mystery of the crime of the century.

Excerpt from story:

He had told her of his findings earlier, as he said he would, but only that he had picked up a duplicate briefcase to his and in it there had been some papers and discs that mentioned things that if the world knew, certain top political people would be in serious trouble.  He voiced his concern that if she knew what it was, she might be in more danger than if she was merely helping him.  She agreed to leave it at that for the time being, because she felt his concern was genuine.  They went to their separate bedrooms.
She brewed around the room while occasionally peering out of her window to watch the night scene of the people below enjoying themselves.  She really wanted to know the whole story, so she crept quietly into his bedroom where she crawled completely under the covers, covering his head as well.  They talked under the sound of the television squawking away about some car dealer selling his entire Lot under cost, “I want to know the whole story.  Now!”
After a heavy sigh he reluctantly agreed, “I was on a trip to buy some livestock,” he paused with a smile then continued, “sheep.” 
She interrupted him, “pretty sheep no doubt?”
“Anyway somewhere along the way I switched briefcases.  I got home late and noticed it while Gilberto and I were having a drink.”
“Who’s Gilberto?”
“He is my Fazenda manager.”
“What’s a, Fazenda?”
“That means Plantation or Ranch.  I have a very large Fazenda in Brazil, which is both a Plantation and a Ranch.  I’ll take you there sometime.  Anyway, when I got home I noticed it was not my case.  I asked Gilberto to open it and he did.  I really wish he hadn’t.  That night some paramilitary people arrived in an unmarked helicopter.  They were already looking for the briefcase!  I avoided being aprehended by hiding in my chapel tower.  I left the next morning and Gilberto hid the evidence in a more secure place as soon as I left.  The whereabouts will remain undisclosed between you and I.  That piece of information could cost you your life.”
He continued, “what I found has to do with the virus deaths.  They’re not an act of God.  The virus is being used to control population.”  He paused and waited for a comment. 
She threw the covers back and kneeling on her heels facing him, looking frightened, sputtered in a raspy voice, “are you making any of this up?”
She tossed the cover over them again and, this time whispered softly, “Ed, do you have any idea how many people have lost their lives because of this virus?”
“Yes, I certainly do.  Hundreds of thousands!  And I don’t think that we know of all the places either, or how long this has been going on, for that matter.  The way they administer the virus is through the air.  It has a very short life span and dies before it goes too far.  It isn’t given from one person to another.  Apparently it changes its structure or something once it attaches to a human.  It no longer has the ability to spread.”
“What do you hope to find here, and why haven’t you gone to the authorities?”
In a slight agitated manner answered. “I did when I called Sean.  After they tried to find the briefcase on my Fazenda I knew they knew who I was.  I was going to discuss it with Sean and go on from there.  When Sean was killed for knowing about it, I was certain the only reason I was still alive was because I had avoided them, plus they don’t know what I did with the evidence.”
She displayed utter bewilderment.  He could see her thinking, her eyes darting back and forth.
He continued, “as for what I hope to find?  Some real evidence other than a case full of papers and discs.  I plan to look around at the places the virus has done its work and see what I come up with.  If I ask the right questions, who knows?”
“Do you know what you’re doing?”
“Yes I do.  So now that you know what I know, you still want to be involved?  You could leave now and I don’t think they’ll bother you.  They probably think you’re not savvy to anything Sean and I talked about.  You could be safe and out of this thing.  We have at least found that much out so far.  Maybe.”
She thought about that for a moment.  He didn’t interrupt.  “No I want to tag along.  I hope I can be of help, really.  I still want to get even for Sean’s death.”
“I’ll agree to this much; if and when I say you have to go back you will do so.  If I think it’s getting too hot and I think you would still be safe, I’ll ask you to go back.  Is that fair?”
She kissed him a friendly kiss on the mouth and it startled him.  She said, “don’t worry, I’m not a sheep.  Tonight!”  Even though she sounded like she had it together she had a melancholy heart as she sauntered toward her own bed.  She felt like a little kid wanting someone to take it all back.  She felt sadness come over her like a heavy fog. 
Ed was unable to get to sleep no matter how hard he tried.  While restlessly tossing and turning he thought he heard Hara crying through the open door between their rooms.  He got up and walked to the door, not looking in.  He softly spoke her name, “Hara?” then louder, “Hara?” 
She stopped crying as Ed walked into her room.  She was now just sniffling.
“I’m sorry for your loss.  Sean was a great guy and it’s going to take time.  It’s all right to cry though, I didn’t mean for you to stop.  I’m concerned, that’s all.”
“Ed, come here, please.”  She motioned for him to come sit on her bed.  The evening light was shining through the window against her back.  He could see only her silhouette through her shear gown.  “I’m crying because I feel guilty for having so much fun with you these last few days.  I can’t cope with my sorrow and have fun too.  I’m sure what he’d say,” mocking his mannerism,  “Christ kid, have fun, life’s too short.  He used to say that a lot, life’s too short.”
“Hara, you do what feels right and don’t worry what he might think.  He was the straightest guy I ever met.  He never mixed words.  Do what your heart tells you.  It’ll be more than likely what he would want.”
“I wish we could have spent time together, the three of us I mean.  Then I wouldn’t feel so awkward being around you.  I really do like you, Ed.  I like being with you.  I don’t know if it’s because you’re his friend or that I’d like being with you if I’d never met Sean?  You’re so much like him.  No, that’s not so.  You really aren’t alike at all.  Oh, you’re kind and thoughtful as he.  You don’t look at all like each other; Oh, I don’t know what I mean.”
“How about you try to get some sleep.  I’ll try too.  What do you say?”
“I’m so lonely Ed, I can’t stop crying.  I sure could a hug first.”
Ed moved closer, pulling her to him.  She felt warm and smelled so good.  He could feel the delicacy of her presence.  She was still sniffling a little.  While he was hugging her, she grabbed at him, holding onto him tightly.  He felt a twinge of hurt because he knew he was violating something of Sean’s trust.  He started to let her go when she slid her cheek across his and touched her mouth to his.  She was still crying through the kiss.  She kissed him twice, softly.  Then, with her mouth, insisted he kiss her in return.  He could feel her warmth and naked softness through the nightgown.  He joined her rather than pull away.  She needed to be loved.  He was willing!
Their robes came off and flesh seemed to meld together.  They went at each other in frenzy.  She felt vulnerable and needed to be loved.  She wrapped her legs around him to pull him as close as possible.  She matched every thrust with one of her own with almost crazed determination.  It was over incredibly fast.  They both lay there breathing heavily.  She refused to turn her head to look at him.  She was shaking from the muscle spasms still running through her.
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